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Vector Art Conversion ... Embroidery Digitizing Services in USA

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Digitizing Stitches was founded in 2010 in Austin, US an online platform for providing embroidery digitizing and vector art conversion services. We offers embroidery digitizing and vector art conversion at competitive prices. With high quality, fast turnaround and low prices, we have been the leading providers of custom embroidery digitizing for over 10 years. We have delivered over 50,000 logos to clients in the US, Canada and Europe. Depend on us for all your digitizing and vector art conversation needs. We offer custom embroidery digitizing through an artistic blend of creativity mixed with technical know how.

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  Mission: To provide quality artwork with excellent customer service in a fast and friendly manner.

Our Employees 

Our digitizers know how to properly digitize a logo based on factors such as fabric, textures, sizes and threads. Most of our staff has been trained in graphic designing or applied art and have an artistic vision to convert your artwork into beautiful embroidery.